expresscaPAYS BILLS

expresscaPAYS BILLS is a convenient and great way to manage all your recurring billings with different vendors/service providers without missing any payment. You can set up payment for your internets, Phone, Subscriptions, House/Office Rent, Insurance premium etc.

How It Works

expresscaPAYS BILLS is designed to make your bills payment a rewarding experience. To sign-up to easy, Interested applicant needs to follow these few quick steps.

  • Register on the website.
  • Preliminary login details is sent to the applicant (To enable the applicant gain access into a more secured area for the completion of the registration process)
  • Subscriber login details are sent to subscribers on approval (the Approval process usually take 2 business days after completion of the registration process)
  • Subscriber can then login into the expresscaPAYS BILLS Account to set up billings. To set up your bills on expresscaPAYS BILLS, you will need the most recent bill from the service provider showing the Bill Amount, Next Due Date and your reference number with the service provider The system automatically generate and make payment 5 days before the bill due date and send you a confirmation notice that the bill has been paid. An invoice is equally generated for settlement within 30days.

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  • You have up to 30 days to settle your invoice to us
  • You earn Cash-Back EasyPay Rewards Points. Learn more
  • You earn commission inviting families and friends to use expresscaPAYS BILLS. Learn more
  • expresscaPAYS BILLS improves your credit rating/score as you maintain good standing with your service providers
  • No Monthly Charges or set up cost.
  • Convenient and easy to use

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expresscaPAYS BILLS Reward System and Income Opportunity

You can work as act an expresscaPAYS BILLS Agent or Independent Marketer and work from home or your store by assisting friends and family to sign up for expresscaPAYS BILLS program.

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