expresscaPAYS BILLS faqs

expresscaPAYS BILLS is a personal solution designed to assist interested individuals in paying their recurring billings. The processes have been designed in such a way that you DO NOT MISS any of your recurring billings even if you do not have the fund in your bank account.

expresscaPAYS BILLS is a Consolidated Recurring Billing Payment Management Services (CRB-PMS) that is designed to manage the payment of your recurring billings. Interested individuals are required to set up their recurring billings on expresscaPAYS BILLS with next Payment Due Date. EasyPay makes the payment as scheduled and invoice is sent to the Subscribers for settlement.

To use expresscaPAYS BILLS, all you need to do is to register and get approved. Truly, not all interested individuals that apply get approved. So, we hold you in high esteemed if you get approved. After approval, you will receive your log-in details to access your account.

You will need to access your expresscaPAYS BILLS Account with the login details provided for you after registration to set up your billing using "Setup Recurring Billing" menu

You need the most recent billing you received from your service providers to set your billings on expresscaPAYS BILLS. Most of the service providers in Canada have already be preloaded on expresscaPAYS BILLS system. However, you may add the service provider if not on the list. The information required are: the name of the Service Provider, Your Name as shown on the recent billing, the Amount, Next Payment Due Date, and the recurring period.

You can set up as many Billing as possible provided its correspond with your name. However, you should note the following approved billings presently acceptable on expresscaPAYS BILLS: Mortgage Repayment, Rent, Television, Internet, Telephone, Insurance and Club Subscription.

You can manage your account using “Manage Account” menu. Here, you will be able to edit existing billings, add, suspend/hold or delete a billing.

The invoice will be sent to your email confirming that the payment of the recurring bill has been done and requesting you to settle your bill within 30days from the date of invoice. The invoice would also contain total outstanding on your account if any. You can settle the billings by either paying cheque into our Bank Account or transferring through your bank to our Bank Accounts. You can also make payment through PAYPAL to us. Kindly note that PAYPAL would charge you for the services. You are required to quote your membership number as reference for ease of tracking.

You can contact us through our Cost-Free "Chat Now" facility on where you discuss your concerns with any of our administrators. You can also send message from your account to the administrator and you will get immediate response. Lastly, you can call our 24 hours Subscriber Care Centre (SCC).

expresscaPAYS BILLS charges 5% flat fee as service charge on every billings made on your behalf. Additional charges as PAST DUE OBLIGATION (PDO) would apply for payment not made after 30days of invoice. (See the expresscaPAYS BILLS USERS AGREEMENT on for more details)

You have the primary responsibility of protecting your privacy while using eayPAY. However, we have multi-level security checks available while you are using the service. You are required to set-up Security Questions and Answers while registering. You will be required to provide answers to these questions each time you are access expresscaPAYS BILLS. If you provide wrong answers to any or all of the questions, your account would be suspended immediately and you will be required to reset your security questions and answers after contacting the Administrators. Most of the time, Administrators would be contacting you immediately your accounts is suspended. Kindly note you will be required to go through identification check processes before your account is reactivated.

Our proven processes have been structured in such a way that you will NOT MISS A PAYMENT. Also, we have Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover you for any loss you may suffer in case of system failure.

Your Internet Banking requires you to have enough fund in your account or an overdraft facility to enable Bank to meet your recurring payment. That means you will need to monitor your account balance every time and you might miss a payment when you are to occupy with all other things. However, expresscaPAYS BILLS takes the stress of monitoring your due bills off-you while you focus on other important things.

expresscaPAYS BILLS Reward Points is the great way Express CA is rewarding her subscribers. Immediately you are registered, you start earning points which you can use towards settlement your bill with us.

Points are awarded using different criteria. Some of the criteria are based on how early you settle your invoice to expresscaPAYS BILLS, number of billings set up in your account, how long you have been on the programs, your overall credit score etc.

Your earned points are displayed at the right hand side of your home page when you login to your accounts.

You can use your point towards payment for your service charge. Your can also Cash-Back your points at the end of the year.


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