Our expresscaPAYS CASH provides you with instant access to cash to meet your urgent and immediate needs.

At Express CA Corp, we have shorten the Payday Loan application process in order to meet your urgent need. All you need to do is to Apply and Get Approved, Sign the loan document and the fund is instantly deposited into your bank account. All these could happen within just 5 Minutes!!!

Our esteemed client should note that the borrower is required to pay back by stipulated due date or apply for re-finance or extension in line with Payday Loans Act., 2008 before the due date.


  • Click on Apply Online and complete the application form. (You will need a valid email address as well as an active chequing account in your name, means of identification, preferably driver’s licence, and a working Telephone number)
  • Sign the loan Document
  • Approved (loan) Amount is directly deposited into your bank account with confirmation email sent to your email address.


You pay back through direct debit on your bank account.

Please ensure that the repayment amount is available in your Bank Account 24 hours before repayment due date. If amount (would not be available in 24 hours before repayment due date), NO WORRIES, you can refinance or extend your repayment due date, (48 hours) before the due date by (signing into your expresscaPAYS CASH account, go to Loan Summary and click on REFINANCE button in front of the loan. Our Customer Relationship will call to reconfirm from you before authorising the extension or refinancing)


Based on PAYDAY Loan Act 2008, we are allowed to charge a maximum of 21% for 14days loan and 42% for 30 days loan. However, we only charge 12.5% for 14days loan.


  • Reduced Overhead.

    Express CA Corp operates transactions strictly online and by telephone. Thereby, we are able to keep our overhead cost lower than the competitors. This saving is what we are sharing with you in form of lower interest on the loan.

  • Distinct Vision.

    It’s true that every company is in the business to make profit. In as much as this is true about us as well, our distinct vision is to serve as a bridge from financial servitude to financial freedom which is the foundation of our corporate values.

  • Optimised Business Processes.

    Our unique business model is hinged on efficiency and effectiveness. Our processes are well optimised to reduce redundancy, gap or weakness so our clients are well served on time and in time.

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