Personal Solutions

Our Personal Solutions are designed to ease your personal financing and set you to the path of financial freedom.

expresscaPAYS BILLS

expresscaPAYS BILLS is a convenient great way to manage all your recurring billings with different vendors/service providers without missing a payment.


Mortgage for Wealth

Owning a property has never been easier. It's even more difficult if needed funds for down payment are not available. Mortgage for WEALTH is designed to meet these needs.


Business Solutions

We, typically, believe that transformation is the end result of turning ideas into reality. At expresscaPAYS BILLS canada (Ca) Corp, our concept of transformation is hinged on turning ideas into reality through functional processes driven by technology.

Our Services Overview

Our expertise in proper mixing of good ideas and processes driven by technology avails us the opportunity to develop state-of-the-art solution (application) to meet the day to day needs of the identified industry and sector of the economy.

Our flagship product, expresscaPAYS BILLS, a consolidated Billing Management System is a testimonial of our expertise in developing solutions that meet both the personal and business needs of our target audience.

MIS provides decision makers (Business Owners, Managers, Investors etc.) with information to support assumptions about the business operations and activities. Our concept of MIS is built on idea development and functional processes driven by technology. We work with our clients to challenge assumptions by developing functional processes that ensure complete, accurate and valid (CAV) information are generated and also providing a framework for proper interpretation of reports.


Ideas are basically assumptions until they are turn to reality. In turning a good idea into reality, it requires CAV information that is provided on the timely basis and this is the hallmark of a good Management Information System.


  • Improvement

    Process improvement is a series of actions taken to identify, analyse and improve existing processes within an organisation in order to meet new goals and objectives. “Process Improvement” means making things better, not just fighting fires or managing crises. It means setting aside the customary practice of blaming people for problems or failures. It is a way of looking at how we can do our work better.

    When we take a problem-solving approach or simply trying to fix what’s broken, we may never discover or understand the root cause of the difficulty. Murphy’s Law comes into play and our efforts to “fix” things may actually make things worse. However, when we engage in true process improvement, we seek to learn what causes things to happen in a process and to use this knowledge to reduce variation, remove activities that contribute no value to the product or service we produced, and improve customer satisfaction.

    We examine all the factors affecting the process; the materials used in the process, the methods and machines used to transform the materials into a product or service, and the people who perform the work.

  • Optimisation

    Processes optimisation enables client to realise full value of investment in automation. It’s a value-driven approach where non-contributing and redundant processes are identified, reviewed and either dropped or improved.

    The resultant effect is that it fast-tracked delivery of strategy and execution of programs. We have developed tools that enables us to document and evaluate the overall processes, identify redundant and non-contributing processes and advise clients on how to realise full value of investment in processes automation.

  • Automation

    Processes Automation helps to ensure full integration of all Key Business Functions (KBFs). It also enables client to know that these processes can be streamlined and strengthened. The Key elements of processes automation is that it enables a company to automate the business processes it has just optimised and also set the foundation for a new and powerful approach to application development.

    This approach places the programming logic in data rather in code, with development being done visually rather than textually. It also allows developers to make use of drag-and-drop functionality, thus improving productivity. The result: more robust applications, improved efficiency and increased speed and agility. expresscaPAYS BILLSnada (Ca) Corp (ECC) has developed a complete range of process automation services to help clients quickly realise the value of their investments in process automation.


  • Accounting Application

    We understand the basic of all business and accounting application ranging from top-level business application like Oracle, SAP to core finance application like Finnacle and to stand-alone accounting application like Sage, Quickbook, Peachtree and Tally Accounting System.

    We understand the adaptability, flexibility and more importantly, the suitability of these applications to ranges of business environments and able to provide advisory services in relation to any business and accounting applications in order to realize full value of investment in the applications.

  • Interface and Integration Management

    We have the capability and experience to manage system interface and integration. We have experience to manage integration of both off-the-shelf application and develop application to the administration of the parties involved.


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